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I am an undergraduate student at San Jose State University studying Software Engineering. I love technology and I'm super passionate about coding. I am very experienced in agile development and would like to use my skills to change the world one line at a time.

Class of December 2016

B.S. in Software Engineering

Minor in Business


UI Development Intern

January 2016 - March 2016

Worked on an internal property management tool. Did Full Stack Web Development

• Used the Django Framework with Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Wrote Server-side and Client-side code to add new features to an existing platform and optimize performance.
• Used Google Charts and its API to visualize data to give users more information about their properties
• Wrote mintainable and extensibe code
Rapidly developed and tested different features in the application to decide whether it should be added to it
• Automated deployment of application to the server so manual deployment is not needed.
• Got brief introduction to InfluxDB

Information Technology Intern

June 2015 - October 2015

Worked onsite Equinix for PRO Unlimited

• Assisted in the automation tool creation for data migration between different databases including MongoDB, Elasticsearch, SQL, etc. Used Spring Boot Framework to achieve this
• Created a filtering system for results of customers using AngularJS and Bootstrap
• Successfully set up a template for queries to fetch results for Elasticsearch
• Worked directly with the Chief of Staff to take large amounts of data and create an
aesthetically appealing visual representation of that data using Tableau
• Created an Android Application for the visualized data and presented both to senior executives
On the success of the data visualization project, given additional responsibilities to create:
Data viz hub on the web and mobile so new data could be added
Automatically updating visual representations
To be used by executives and anyone in the company
• Worked with Docker to create a base image

Software Engineering Intern

May 2015 - August 2015

• Used the Ionic Framework to build a cross platform prototype
• Created the database which this product would use
• Worked on creating a Mobile application to launch into the market

Scrum Master/ Project Manager / Backend Developer

August 2015 - December 2015

This is a service which lets college students get help from other students or offer services to other students on campus. There are three fixed price values at $10, $20 and $30.
• As the Scrum Master and Project Manager, managed a group of 8 people
• Created the Product Backlog, Release Plan and decided how each sprint should look like
• Used Parse, a NoSQL datatbase, as the backend and hosting for this project
• Used HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with AngularJS and Bootstrap to implement the frontend


January 2015 - May 2015

This is a website similar to LinkedIn where professionals can make connections with each other and have forums to discuss with each other. There are two profile types, one for job seekers and another for recruiters.
• Used Google API, XML and Java to design, architect, implement and deploy this Android application and Website using Android Studio. Also used HTML, CSS and JavaScript with Bootstrap and jQuery to implement the web portion. Used Java, JSON and XML on the Android side
• Used Agile Software Development Cycle with Scrum meeting methodologies to collaborate in a group of nine people
• Used PHP to connect to a MySQL database as back-end on both the android and the web interface

I also do other cool stuff like design logos and make Android apps in my spare time.


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